She Holds Us!

She births and rebirths us…

Divine Love, Divine Mother, Divine Goddess. Divine Feminine. Divine Family

She knows us intimately.


Sink awareness inward,

to the depths of self…

to greet her.


There she lives,

in YOU!


In her arms, it is safe to rage and cry out…

to snuggle and sleep like an infant,

Reach to her, hold her hand as you press forward.


Ask for counsel and blessings.

Counsel and Blessings You’ll Receive!



2 thoughts on “She Holds Us!

  1. The integration of the Divine feminine and Divine masculine is occurring. This is happening because of the return of the Mother.

    Of course she has always been here!

    But in the din of the matrix we could not hear her.

    But now we can.


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