Discovering qigong tenderly.

I have discovered, that Qigong practice nourishes me. It provides the basic energy that I need, to be able to function at optimum levels. And some days, to be able to function at all.

It is like a light switch, which allows the electricity to flow through the wires, to enlighten the bulb.

The light bulb is like a human, full of potential and purpose. But lying dormant, without the flow of natural power.

Make no mistake, electricity is a natural power.

A more refined version of this power is what flows in the human electrical system of vital energy, also commonly known as Prana or Qi.

“Light Switch” aspect of Qigong practice.

Qigong serves as a power on switch, which consciously engages the practitioner, in the gathering, circulation, protection and best use of one’s vital life-force energy.

The depth of engagement depends entirely on the individual. Qigong is a participatory process. One must engage in order to receive the highest benefit.

In this engagement we meet the process honestly, from what ever state we are in. We treat ourselves and our body gently, tenderly. We allow the flow of vital-energy to gradually help us heal and fuel our capacity to shine.

Treating one’s self with gentleness and compassion is a recipe for transformative healing. This with or without a formal practice.

Above all else, stoke the flame of love, it is this that eternally shines


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