The glass half full.

I remember as a child making a choice.

I was in grade school learning about synonyms and antonyms. The one that caught my attention was optimism and pessimism. I remember deciding in that moment to be an optimist. And on the question of the half glass I decided my glass would be half full.

This choice carried me through many years of hardship and confusion. But my half glass was as a light ship. And I was never completely bereft.

Over time I lost the threads of optimism and sank into depression. Feeling my glass to be half full of nothing much.

Out of touch with optimism yet still holding on and moving through.

Until I realized, my glass, is a self replenishing, over flowing cup of existence.

To be savored. Every drop.

The half full glass, a frozen moment in time between fulfillment and release. We drink from it till empty. Feel satiated and rest. Only to drink again.




One thought on “The glass half full.

  1. This one is a puzzle for me. Please help me with my interpretation, Kathy.
    So just by existing – life – that is the glass that gets filled? As each moment passes and we exist and move on…
    And life (the glass that’s half full) is to be savored.
    We drink again, and again from the glass half full. Thank goodness we continue and that we are able to continue to replenish.


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