Life is messy. Let’s clear it up.

Not clean, but clear the stagnant energies that have us tied up in repetitive patterns that no longer, if ever, served us.

This is not done by a mental tug of war over our behaviors, but by gracefully healing those energetic traits we’ve inherited. And by laying the foundation for our true self to blossom unencumbered.

The first step to nurturing our own blossoming is to remember ourselves as an infant. An infant that embodies the core of your innocence. But with innocence comes vulnerability.

That innocent vulnerability still lives beneath the suffocation of time and events that we have experienced, our ancestors have experienced and also the soul over many incarnations.

Yes, we are multi dimensional in that all of these inherited energies have laid traits within our DNA. These traits manifest within our energy field and our thought patterns. Causing us to face, resolve and heal that which may have been holding back the blossoming.

The good news is that all the wisdom and our sacred gifts are also there buried within our DNA blueprint.

The infant within us represents the eternal self. The one by way of its innocence preserves the truth of our being as pure love.

Therefore, a very coherent path is to rescue, within yourself, the capacity to express pure love as being… It’s not as hard to do as it may sound.

I will repeat the first step. Simply to remember. Your acknowledgement waters the seeds of transformation and growth.

Stay tuned for our next post for step two.

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