We can access our true POWER!

Rise above the chaos to manifest our true potential.

The world seems to be changing faster than we can keep up, and… Life is changing, perhaps in ways we do not understand. However, our capacities to transform our existence is also being upgraded as well.

It is imperative that we prioritize our well being! Expand our perspective and honor our true sovereignty. 

I want to bring to your attention a word I used earlier in the text. That word is EXISTENCE!

According to the understanding of ancient civilizations, such as the Dogon people, there is an understanding that we, as humans, are far more than our body, more than our life and are in fact made of a complex web of existence that transcends and encompasses a reality far beyond our limited awareness of the world around us.

It is so easy to get bogged down by the stressors of the moment. Causing us to worry, obsess or go into fear for ourselves, our loved ones, and with regard to political controversies and outcomes.

These states can become like a prison that stifles our creativity and separates our spirit from our mind, from our body. We can feel lost and hopeless.

But we can counter this…

Our power is rooted inside of our physical existence!
It is subtle and can only be accessed through our awareness, intention and imagination.

Our actual physical existence extends beyond the boundaries of our body and all of its parts. Our personal power includes a web of inter-connectivity, to the earth, to nature, to the stars, cosmos and to each other. This web of connectivity flows through our personal mind, personal body, and personal spirit. The web is an energetic force that carries information to and from multiple levels of being.

Our path to empowerment is to cultivate our awareness such that we can be aware of, and communicate with our multiple levels of being, and learn to translate the ensuing wisdom gained from this, into the realization and/or materialization of our existence. Allowing our sovereignty to arise within and as our life expression.

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