She Holds Us!

She births and rebirths us…

Divine Love, Divine Mother, Divine Goddess. Divine Feminine. Divine Family

She knows us intimately.


Sink awareness inward,

to the depths of self…

to greet her.


There she lives,

in YOU!


In her arms, it is safe to rage and cry out…

to snuggle and sleep like an infant,

Reach to her, hold her hand as you press forward.


Ask for counsel and blessings.

Counsel and Blessings You’ll Receive!



Uncap the well!

Imagine you are a treasure hunter, swimming within the waters.

A swelling excitement arises in you, as you gaze at the remnants of an ancient ship wreck. (This find, is purported to be worth millions.)

You and your crew proceed to dig and bring forth trinkets… trinkets that hold great promise for what lies underneath.

Suddenly you feel yourself drawn to look behind you, as if, some one is there watching.

But all you see, is miles of sand, mingled with pebbles and swaying green.

You don’t see anything. …But still

Pushing off from the wreckage you swim cautiously forward.

As you push your hands through the sand, you hit something hard with one of your palms. So you brush the sand away.

…To reveal an opening.

You quickly check the gauge of your tank. Plenty of time.

Do you go down?

What do you discover?

© 2016 Kathryn Davis (A work in progress)

Please offer your answer, your thoughts, your feelings…

We are the living cells of a conscious being called Earth.

Ascension is a choice made at the level of soul. One need not know what to do, or how to do it. The soul will guide us towards our best potentials for realization of this process. Our mother Earth will hold us until the birthing is complete. The Divine world, our ancestors are poised to catch us as we emerge into the resonance of Divine Essence.